Thai kokkola tantra massage helsinki

thai kokkola tantra massage helsinki

one temple in the Universe, and that is the human body. An investigation by Finlands leading national paper, Helsingin Sanomat, suggests that sex services are available at all parlours offering Thai massage in Helsinki as a team of seven journalists visited 30 Thai massage businesses in Helsinki over the past two weeks, and were offered sex services. Sex services were never offered right away. Police in Finland know that sex services are generally available at businesses that advertise Thai massage. Thai massage parlours began appearing in Helsinki in the early 1990s. The massage is done in an exquisite beautiful ambiance where everyone can feel comfortable and safe. thai kokkola tantra massage helsinki

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Through the techniques we are using  all areas of the body are energized, the massage thus being profoundly relaxing, rejuvenating and energizing. All the journalists observed the same ground-rules. In Helsinki alone there are dozens, and more have been opening up all over Finland. The masseuses would suggest the extras for an additional fee at a later stage of the massage. In only a few of the places was it up to standard. The service offered varied from intimate massage, usually with the possibility for oral sex or intercourse, or both. The massage cost EUR 20-25 and the quality of the massage varied considerably. None of them asked about what services might be available they simply asked the price of a massage and went inside to have one. They all appeared at the locations on a walk-in basis without reservations.


Tantra: Erotic Soapy Massage.

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All the senses are pampered during this wonderful experience. We touch heaven when we lay our hands. Novalis, tantric Massage is a beautiful way to profoundly relax and to unite body, mind and soul into a harmonious whole.

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